onions are very round and you cook them in them in a nice oil and After it is done you put it on pork or any meat it will tase good . But i don’t know where the onion grows but when my mom cooks pumkin it tase real good but the onions makes the food tase very bad .I don’t like the onions because its ugly and very grose .                 



slat,2onions,hand full bora ,1 corrot ,2 head of garlic ,celery ,chowmein ,aji or cube ,sweet pepper ,and black pepper



First boil water then you add the chowmein  into the boiling water , leave to cook for 7 to 10 minutes .when its finish strain the chowmein . Then  you put in the oil to hot and in the mean while you chop  the ingredients . after that you add the slat and black pepper.then you put it into the pot .then you leave to cook after it is finish cooking you mix in the chowmein and you mix them together then after that its ready to eat.

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