“Celebrate and Co-operate for a green El Dorado state” by Naomi Harte – 2019

This ostentatious piece was meticulously designed to illuminate the theme for Guyana’s National Child Art Competition 2019, “Celebrate and Co-operate for a green El Dorado state”.

It places empahsis on togetherness and co-operation among the heterogenenous nation, and therefore earned second place at the competition aforementioned.

The evident significance of the green colour on the drawing is Guyana’s forest and green economy. Oil, as we all may know, remains one of the nation’s most valuable resource that has contributed significantly to Guyana’s bright future and ensured continuous development of the country’s wealth. The mask of varying colours represents one of Guyana’s most colourful events, Mashramani, a festival observed to commemorate Guyana becoming a republic. It denotes “celebration after hard work”. The variations of Ethnic groups, along with the joined hands at the centre of the artistic piece, embodies co-operation among Guyana’s people, as the motto, “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”, is embraced.

This piece designed by Naomi Harte, a sixteen (16) year old girl at the time being, is now of the possession of one of Guyana’s Ministry departments in association with the competition.

My Family by Naomi Harte

I love my family,

their the best,

my father comes home late,

so he doesn’t get to rest.

My mother works three times a week,

if you get her mad she will beat.

We often drink tea early in the morning,

when your tired it’s usually cost for yourning.

Every one in my family is very bright,

my dad is the best,

so he could fix the lights.

My mother drives a car,

and my  father drives a bus,

they’re both very young but they don’t like to curse.

My brother born first,

my sister second,

and I’m last,

every day after school we have a blast.

If you’re looking for a strong, healthy and hardworking family,

remember to call me.

The World by Naomi Harte

The world is filled with many countries,

like Guyana , Argentina , Mexico and Italy,

these countries are known for many things,

like sugar, rice and jewelleries like rings,

but they are many other countries that are wealthy too!

like USA, Brazil and Peru.

This world is not only filled with countries,

but with people, animals and trees,

this world is beautiful in every way,

or by magic people might say,

but no matter how many crazy things people might say,

I love the world that I live in everyday.

Fashion Girl by Naomi Harte

She walks down the street at four in the morning

and shows no stress mark.

When we ask her where she’s going,

she always says the park.

She  always walking up right,

and never get into a fight.

She is a fashion girl

a fashion girl with hope, joy,

and laughter,

which she keeps forever,

she always wishes the best for you,

no matter what she’s going through.

The most faithful person I have ever seen,

but if you asked me , I think she’s the fashion queen.


onions are very round and you cook them in them in a nice oil and After it is done you put it on pork or any meat it will tase good . But i don’t know where the onion grows but when my mom cooks pumkin it tase real good but the onions makes the food tase very bad .I don’t like the onions because its ugly and very grose .                 



slat,2onions,hand full bora ,1 corrot ,2 head of garlic ,celery ,chowmein ,aji or cube ,sweet pepper ,and black pepper



First boil water then you add the chowmein  into the boiling water , leave to cook for 7 to 10 minutes .when its finish strain the chowmein . Then  you put in the oil to hot and in the mean while you chop  the ingredients . after that you add the slat and black pepper.then you put it into the pot .then you leave to cook after it is finish cooking you mix in the chowmein and you mix them together then after that its ready to eat.